The Gratitude Project

It’s amazing what happens when you sit in carpool. What began as a simple idea to commit once again to a daily photo challenge, has grown into much, much more.

As I sat in my car Friday afternoon, Harper fussy and fidgety in her car seat, I stared up at the contrast between the changing leaves against the deep blue sky while a cool breeze swept through the windows. In the midst of the destruction and devastation throughout the Northeast in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, I felt simple gratitude for the beauty of the day.

Over the past month I had not been connected to my camera and felt the need to set a manageable goal of weaving photography back into my daily routine. A photo a day for each day in November seemed manageable. While I was at it, I figured I would post my mission on Facebook and asked friends to join in. No fancy camera needed, no daily themes, just one simple rule. Take a photo a day, post it and write why that image represents something you are grateful for.

Well the outpouring of support and enthusiasm has been amazing and the Gratitude Project was born.

Why stop at 30 days? Why not continue this? Why not? We are grateful each day for so very much. There are simple things and there are complex things. There are meaningful and personal things as well as close friends and strangers we find ourselves grateful for. There are little things and then there is life altering things. While there are days when gratitude may be harder to find, it is there. The Gratitude Project gives us a place to honor and share it.

For me, photography is this wonderous, quiet and magical medium of sharing how we feel and what we see. What better way to express and share what and who in our lives we are grateful for than through the medium of photography?.

The Gratitude Project is not about the perfect picture. It is not about exposure, image editing or whether you use your camera phone or professional camera. It is not about anything other than sharing an image that expresses what you are grateful for.

We can learn from each other and we can view our lives and perspective through each of our lenses. For that I am grateful.

Images are posted on the Gratitude Project Facebook page.

Join in, follow along and share!

2 thoughts on “The Gratitude Project

  1. Jen! You are an inspiration. Sounds so cheesy but it’s so true. I often think on my long runs what you have done and what you mean to me. Whether its listening to songs like “Stronger” or laughing about raising kids I cherish our friendship and who you are. Cheers to you for everything you do… Love ya lots! Cheers to you! I’m grateful for you and today.

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