Clean, Clear & Stable

Good news today… The Piece of Shit has been behaving itself since we last gave it a look. We are so pleased that it is being so cooperative.

My MRI this morning revealed two very important things.

One… there has been no tumor growth. Two… my brain is still in there. Whew! What a relief.

After spending most of the day sleeping off my IV sedation, otherwise known as a mini vacation, I am ready to settle back into our normal lives bright and early tomorrow morning. Nothing says celebrating normal like running carpool at 7am!

Thank you to everyone for your support and love. Onward we go together…


*Typing and grammatical errors are brought to you today courtesy of the IV sedation drugs yet to fully wear off.  Weeeeee


11 thoughts on “Clean, Clear & Stable

  1. So glad to hear your good news! Thought about you all week. We won’t be at baseball in the morning, but hope to see you soon! Marla

  2. I’m so glad it hasn’t grown! That is good news. I have to have a new MRI in December and it will be my first in over a year. I know the odds of my tumor recurring are slim, but it still makes me nervous because I will have more responsibilities now.

    • Thanks Sara. You are on my radar each day as I wait to hear about the arrival of your daughter! I can understand your nerves for your upcoming MRI as well and while some may dismiss your concern for the slim recurrence, you have every right to own that fear. Stay in touch and enjoy the remaining portion of your pregnancy. Be well and take care.

      Cheers- Jen

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