Where I’ve Been

I’m not sure how to define where I’ve been.

I’ve been lurking somewhere between home, carpool, Costco, a ball field, my car, kitchen and virtually a million other places.

Oh, how I’ve longed to sit here and write and oh!, how I have failed.

Trust me, posts are there and words are stacked up in my head like rush hour traffic in Atlanta on a rainy day. However my life has hijacked my writing time and I vow to return soon.

While I haven’t been writing, I have not been without my camera. That my friends, is something, like my children, that is always by my side and always within reach.

Since there’s no time to spell it all out in words and no time to purge what’s stacked up in my head, here in a few images is where I have been since I last wrote…



See you in words soon!

7 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. I’ve been wondering where you were! Harper is adorable, pictures are beautiful, and you are a busy girl. Hope everything is good with the boys. Tell them hello!

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