Joyous Gathering

From near and far we gathered.  

Flights arrived from Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Hartford and Boston. Road trips were made from Virginia, North and South Carolina.  

Schedules were cleared, time was set aside to gather together, hundreds of emails were sent, maps and directions checked and double checked, party rentals ordered, copious amounts of food made, cases of wine and beer purchased and parking strategically assigned on our little street. A litany of logistical minefields were tackled and we all held our breath.  

As a family, we’ve gathered over the years in our grief and in our joy. We’ve promised one another, yet not always followed through, that we’d make a better effort to gather more for joy and not wait for the gut wrenching gatherings of our grief.  

From that long made promise among all of us, I set forth the planning for a celebration of life, of family, of love and a celebration of one and of all of us.  

Four months ago, just before Thanksgiving, I set out to gather as many of our family and friends here in Atlanta to celebrate and surprise my father for his 70th birthday.  

A milestone birthday he’ll readily admit he never thought he’d live to see, It was a milestone I intended to celebrate and celebrate we did indeed.  

Many of us had not seen each other since my wedding 12 years ago and there were others who had not embraced in longer. Life long friends mingled with new friends and family picked up where we’d left off as if it was yesterday. It was a moving weekend. Hearts were filled with joy. 

Life is meant to be lived, loved and shared with those who are important and meaningful in our lives. I am so thrilled I was able to pull this off and add one more joyous gathering to our memory book.

Liz Stubbs Photography

4 thoughts on “Joyous Gathering

  1. Dearest Jenny,
    I remember your father so fondly from when we were kids. This photo here made me feel such joy for you all. Reading your beautiful posts, loving the Christmas card of your amazing kids and sending lots of love across the many miles from Maine to Georgia.
    Hugs to you all,

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