2011 Gratitude Project: 30 Days of Purpose

Thanksgiving is in 30 days. How that’s even possible is another subject matter entirely.

In keeping with the tradition we began last year, tonight marked day one of thirty we’ll spend reflecting on what we’re grateful for leading up to Thanksgiving.  

Our tree of thanks, thanks Pottery Barn, is hung back up and leaf number 30 has been filled with our grateful sentiments.

photo credit - Pottery Barn

We have much to be grateful for and we need to look no farther than our 5 faces to be reminded of many of our blessings.

As we did last year, we’ll be challenging ourselves to look beyond, far beyond, the obvious and ever-present weighty subject matter we carry on a daily basis, and challenge ourselves to look and find blessings and gratitude in the simple.

The simple acts of appreciation. Simple feel good moments. Simple expressions of gratitude and simple acts of giving back.

We have our sights set on the 30 days that lay ahead.

30 days to sort through what we’ve possibly taken for granted, appreciate the smallest gestures to the biggest moments and drink up every moment in-between.

30 days to reflect on how grateful we are for the obvious, but more importantly how grateful we are for all the little things.

The little things are the stepping-stones and building blocks for the big things. Life is a process and every aspect, big or small, good or bad, is due respect and should be honored and appreciated. All these moments, experiences and people are all interwoven in our lives.

We owe it to ourselves to take time to drink it all up and soak it all in.

While we do our best to be grateful year-round and instill values of gratitude, appreciation and giving back with our boys daily; it’s not always easy and I fear we often fall short. The 30 days that lay ahead represent 30 opportunities to reflect, respect, honor and appreciate the fabric our lives and the people, experiences and moments that make up that fabric.

30 days with purpose.    

There’s much to be thankful for. Yes, even that pesky brain tumor. Gratitude exists for the piece of shit too.

Will you take on the gratitude project?      

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