Hope Springs Forth

Today is a very exciting day.

A day I’ve been watching on the horizon as it slowly made its way closer.

As a patient, it’s a day I’ve eagerly awaited to arrive for what it represents and a moment I’ve been eager to see happen for selfish reasons. Reasons I hope never come to fruition, yet are a part of our reality, my diagnosis and are now a fixture in our new normal.  

Today gives patients like me hope that significant progress and impact is happening. That yes, in-fact, advancement to the course of our treatment plans in the future will be more effective and impactful.  

Hope springs forth today as day one commences for the first U.S. phase II clinical trial to test the safety and effectiveness of an investigational new drug, approved and in use in Europe, called Gliolan®.  

Information about the clinical trial can be found here as well as an explanation as to why this is so groundbreaking and exciting for patients and surgeons alike.   

What is personally moving and exciting is that the clinical trial is being launched at Emory University Hospital Midtown and Winship Cancer Institute where I receive my care and is being led by my surgeon Dr. Costas Hadjipanayis and his team. 

Today is indeed an exciting day.

My thoughts and prayers are with those patients and their families participating in the clinical trial and of course, with my entire medical team, as they endeavor to make this treatment plan a reality.


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