The Interview

Is a wrap!

I can officially put my feet up, relax and count the remaining days until we welcome ‘lil miss on Aug. 8th. 11 days to be exact… What? You think I’m counting or something? 

CNN will be back visiting us in the Hospital on delivery day to get some images to wrap the story, but thus far, it’s a wrap in terms of my obsessing of getting my house clean and wondering how it would all go down.

What an amazing experience and one for the record books. I managed, barely at times, to fight the tears as Sanjay and I spoke and I answered question after question. Don’t ask what I said… I don’t remember, but I’ll see it all soon enough.

A big thank you to Steve our cameraman, Miriam the executive producer and of course Sanjay… you’re all a class act! Thank you for the opportunity to share our story!

Our morning started early with the executive producer and cameraman arriving at 7:30am to film me making breakfast for the family and packing the boys lunches and gear for camp.

Of course I had a wardrobe change since anyone who knows me would never believe I’d be in my kitchen making my boys breakfast with dress clothes and jewelry on! Keeping it real folks! Hence my black tank and jeans for the morning breakfast routine if anyone happens to notice the change in the final cut. I knew better than to try a pull a fast one with anyone.

After moving all the furniture around, which made me chuckle to myself and happy I’d actually taken time last night to vacuum under the couch, they set up all the gear for our sit down interview.

Stay tuned for a date and time when the piece will air, but plan for it after the baby is born since they want to include her.

Days like this don’t come around that often, so we drank it all in and hopefully you’ll get a sense of what our Thursday morning was all about! It was certainly a memorable one!


What did you say Paul? Post interview wrap up...

Sanjay, Paul and I

Sanjay and I post interview



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