I Declare!

During the course of two hours and one meeting this week, I certainly got a beat down…

A gentleman told me…

“You look like you have three babies, not one, in that belly.”

“Well, isn’t that a very thoughtful and kind comment.” I said as I smiled and walked away.

Not long after that, a woman rambled on and on about how back in her day (circa 1950’s) women drank and smoked while pregnant and babies were just fine, and then she looked at me holding my one small coffee of the day and says…

“I suppose it’s ok for you to drink that coffee as long as you’re at peace and comfortable with the consequences.”

“My Doctor approves, but thanks for your concern.” I said.

Then there was this…

“You must not be worried about that brain tumor and the effects it’ll have on both you and your baby since you decided to get pregnant.”

“You’ll have to excuse me.” I said and walked away.

I’d like to say to you all…

I Declare! that you’ve all lost your ever-loving minds.  

Maybe you all could try harder next time to dig a little deeper and find some tact, socially acceptable behavior and accurate information and maybe, just maybe, you can accept the fact that you didn’t go to Medical School, are not a Dr. and understand that what you “think and say” is entirely screwed up.

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