One On One

I took Tucker, who just turned 8, to NYC this past weekend as our gift to him. He has wanted to go to NYC for years and this year it just seemed right. He is old enough to remember the adventures and to put it simply, he deserved the trip and we were able to make it happen.

We enjoyed three full days and it was amazing. Not only was it great to see dear friends and crash with them all weekend (thank you again!), it was three days we enjoyed just the two of us. Wandering the city, making our own schedule, talking, and spending that cherished and often out of reach, one on one time, holding hands and sharing smiles, I devoured every moment.  

We ate pizza, strolled through Union Square, visited numerous Fire Stations, walked the High Line, went to Ground Zero, watched a kid pitch baseball game and rented a row-boat in Central Park, rode the subway, took plenty of taxi’s, went to The Top of the Rock, walked and walked and walked, had ice cream at Serendipity, ate donuts at Planet Donut in Chelsea for breakfast, laughed a lot, talked a lot, took over 500 photos and cherished every moment.

I love NYC. While I’ve never had the opportunity to live there, growing up in Connecticut and through the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the city. My love for the city is now shared by Tucker who claims he could “do an apartment” and “give up our house” because the city is “so cool and there is so much to do and see”. I hear ya big guy and I’d love that too. But for now, we’ll have to settle on visiting our super cool friends who are lucky enough to live there and see what the future has to bear.

Our stories are numerous and adventures a plenty, but here’s a snip-it of our adventures and what stood out through my lens. Enjoy, we did!

6 thoughts on “One On One

  1. What a perfect one on one trip with your baby! We are going NEXT fall…Jon’s running the NYC Marathon…and we’ve tossed around taking the girls..well, at least Emily! What a FUN city!

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