Number 8

April 29, 2003 Tucker was born and I became a mother. What a day that was. 

That momentous day eight years ago was the beginning of a new chapter for Paul and I as we began a life voyage as parents. Today as I contemplate these past eight years and the joy that has filled our lives, I have to reflect on how much has changed. 

Our lives have become filled these past eight years with adventures and misadventures that never could have been imagined when we set out eight years ago. Through the ups and downs, the never-ending joy and growing admiration for our growing children, I’ll admit that time does fly when you’re having fun. 

Happy Birthday to our exceptional, thoughtful, energetic, perpetually smiling and loving Tucker. You have filled our lives in immeasurable ways with love, joy and happiness. May you continue to grow, shine, learn and share every year as you have done with us already.

Images tell a story that become etched in your heart, memory and soul. Our lives become defined by these images and our memory of them as they accumulate through time to tell our story. These are simply a few…

7 thoughts on “Number 8

  1. i remember little Tucker from “back in the day” — he was a cutie pie baby then with a twinkle in his eye… and both those qualities clearly still remain. What a treasured child. Happy birthday to Tucker and to you sweet momma.

  2. What a beautiful boy you have there! Great pictures! Being a parent is truly the best thing ever…and at times the worst thing ever…lol, but no, honestly I don’t know anything more awesome than celebrating your childrens birthdays…enjoy! Happy Birthday Tucker!

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