Cheap Thrills

Not sure about you, but to the extent that I can save a buck, I’m a happy mom.

The weather’s been great and the sun shinning. While the pollen levels have been cataclysmic, we’ve managed to spend hours outside thus far on our Spring Break. 

While my fellow mom friends are hitting up places like Disney World, otherwise known as the most miserable place on earth to me, beach resorts and other exotic locals, we’re here home in Atlanta hitting up our usual spots and savoring sleeping in, staying up late and doing what we want when we want.  

While thousands wait in line to sit with Mickey or eat with Ariel, Belle and Jasmine, we’re hanging out in the yard watching with excitement as the garbage truck arrives and the workers wave, smile and chat with the boys who are always happy to see them. What can I say, my five-year old wants to be the best garbage man in the world. Dream on my boy!  

Meals at waterside tables with crisp white linens are oh, so fabulous. But hell, we’ve been savoring some fanciful meals off plastic plates in the yard and feeding our leftovers to the dogs. We’re all about the Five Stars this week. We’re living in our own paradise here and I can tell you are so envious so try to hold it together.  

I heard the beeping before I saw through the trees what truck had rolled up this morning. Our street’s been torn up for the past month and what exactly they are doing we’re not entirely sure. Except to say they’ve been very successful at making a mess and did a great job last week rupturing our gas main causing us to have to evacuate, the purpose for the mess is not entirely clear. Needless to say, there’s always something going on with heavy equipment and always something to watch. I’ve got two boys so what else do I need to say. This is heaven and a cheap heaven at that.  

As the boys rode their bikes and tossed their footballs, I hollered to them from my pink Adirondack chair planted in the front yard, that a cement truck had arrived and off they ran in a near panic as if I’d said free candy was to be had. 

Perched up on the stone wall they sat together watching the mixer dump its load as read my Wall Street Journal and savored some newly found quiet and a hot mid-morning coffee.  

While I could have stayed planted in my chair, enjoying my solitude, I couldn’t help but to keep watching them sitting together, two peas in a pod, as they took in all the excitement. What the hell, I thought and I grabbed my camera.  

As I approached and got off a few frames, they both turned to me, gave each other high fives and said in unison:  

This is the best Spring Break EVER!  

“I know! Isn’t it?” I almost half laughed to myself at how simple this concept was. “Hang in there and I’ll bring your lunches out in a bit so you can picnic and watch. What’s better than that guys?” I asked.  

“Nothing! This is the BEST.” They chirped. 

I couldn’t agree more and as I stepped away to re-plant myself in my chair, read the WSJ and savor my peace and coffee, I noticed this and took a photo. 

Maybe this explains why our gas main ruptured last week? Not sure about you, but somehow one of these doesn’t belong at a construction site. Right?

I couldn’t make this shit up even if I wanted to… it’s always an adventure around here.

4 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills

  1. Boys will be boys! Although I must say my fave memories consist of the watching the bobcats and machinery….I was quite the Tom boy:)

  2. Some of my best memories as a child were of simple things like that. I love the photos. It doesn’t always cost a lot of money to have fun. In fact, many times it’s the opposite.

  3. I love this! We do not travel during Spring break either…heck we rarely travel at all. My kids (tho now 17 and 23) have always been content with Spring break right at home…sleeping in, lazy days, late nights….junk food…and whatever fun they could find in the neighborhood with friends or just with the grown ups in their lives…they never seemed to be jealous of their friends who were gloating of trips abroad or to sunny climates or crowded touristy places at all….I love all the school vacation times, having them at home enjoying doing barely anything at all….and I LOVE your shot of the beer bottle! That’s too much! Could quite easily explain the gas main break! hahaha! Good job!

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