Lipstick On A Pig


It was one of those days. A productive one but still one of those days.

Still sporting our PJ’s at 2PM, neither Cooper or I had a reason to change. Legos, books, puzzles, laundry, cooking, a lot of email work for me and hanging around the house together in our PJ’s was all we had on our agenda today.

As Paul would say later, “Everything happens when you haven’t showered, have dirty underwear on and haven’t shaved your legs.” Funny guy that Paul.   

I could smell it before I even opened the back door to let the dogs out. The distinct smell of natural gas is something you can’t miss and with the level of gas in the air this afternoon it was unmistakable.  

Wondering what was going on, if it was just our house or all around, I headed through the house and out the front door. As I stood in my front yard, with the smell just as strong and listening to a loud rushing sound like water, I turned to see a Fireman in full gear heading toward me.   

I think there’s something inherently calming, as a mother, seeing a Fireman approach briskly in full gear toward you. Their presence confirms your suspicions that there’s an emergency and it’s as if you get automatic permission to hand off the controls to them knowing in one form or another they’ll make sure you’re ok. It felt good to see him and it didn’t hurt that he was adorable too.  

I quickly glanced down at my bare feet, as I stood in PJ’s with my pregnant belly stretching my sweatshirt and I chuckled. He confirmed my assumption that there was a gas leak and a mighty big one at that. As he looked at my bare feet, pregnant belly and wearing my PJ’s he asked with a smile if I’d be able to leave since it was too dangerous and they were evacuating us. “Of course! We’re always up for an adventure.” I said with a smile.  

Tossing on a quick change of clothes while brushing my teeth, changing Cooper into clothes, grabbing jackets, dog leashes, dogs, cell phone and my wallet, we loaded into the car in less than 5 minutes. Pulling out of the driveway with Fire Trucks, Firemen, Police, the sound of rushing gas and mayhem, we waved goodbye and hollered out a thank you.  

After collecting Tucker at school and hitting up the drive thru, I found myself sitting in traffic at a red light. I looked in the rear view mirror and turned to watch the boys goofing off and laughing. One dog whimpered as the other whined, barked and jumped around the car. As I turned back to look at the light, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I hung my head. As I sat looking down, half laughing at our situation and half kicking myself for how pathetic I looked, out of the corner of my eye peeking out from under the bag of take-out I spied a lipstick.  

Without hesitation I dug for it, moved the mirror so I could get a better look and quickly applied a coat of soft pink. I wiped the lingering smudges of mascara from under my eyes, ran my fingers through my hair and turned back to the boys. It was something at least, I thought.

Tucker looked up at me and I winked and smiled. He smiled and said “You look pretty mommy.”  

“Thanks buddy.” I said with a smile while simultaneously thinking to myself while chuckling…

 You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.  

Hours later after eating take out, running around the park and walking the dogs, we returned home to a house permeated with the stench of gas and the sound of construction work in the street. Again, I’m back in my PJ’s, slinging food in the kitchen , folding laundry, playing Legos, helping with homework and still sporting my lipstick.  

A pig maybe, but at least this pig’s got lipstick on.      

5 thoughts on “Lipstick On A Pig

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  2. Wow…that was an adventure! lol…it is true…when we seem to look our worse, that’s when stuff happens…you either runinto people you know, and don’t wanna see or in your situation…run into a hot fireman headed to evacuate you! lol…sounds like you handled it like a pro tho! Amazing what a little lipstick will do for ya!

  3. So when is your book coming out. As I read these, I feel the corners of my mouth turn into a smile and I find myself drinking it all in. Sadly, as I get to the end, I want more! Glad you guys are alright! I guess no candles for ambiance last night, eh?

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