New Traditions and What If’s

With Paul off with Cooper at Home Depot collecting materials to build a fire station for his collection of life-size fire trucks around the house, I hung out in the backyard with Tucker playing football this morning.

He seemed rather quiet and contemplative so I asked him if he wanted to take a walk.

He perked up and I told him to pick one of the dogs, grab a sweatshirt and we’d head out.

With Tank leading the way, Tucker and I began to walk and he began to talk. Only a quarter-mile into our walk, he declared that we should do this every Saturday.

Just us, mom. We’ll leave daddy and Cooper at home to do their own thing and we’ll take turns taking Toby and Tank so their feelings are not hurt.

I like that idea, I said. A new tradition is born between us.

As we made the turn toward home about 40 minutes later, Tucker stopped and asked a question.

What if the baby’s first word is appreciation?


That would be beautiful. Simply beautiful Tucker I said as I took his hand in mine and crossed the street with Tank leading the way.

4 thoughts on “New Traditions and What If’s

  1. What an excellent thought – the baby’s first word might be appreciation! Children have such boundless imaginations. Your new tradition sounds great.

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