Can You Imagine?

Random conversation with mommy friends on the playground about Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars and her recent cancerous Spinal Tumor…

Can you imagine going to the Doctor for a check up and finding out-totally out of the blue-that you have a tumor and cancer? One day you’re fine and the next moment you’re being told you’ve got this tumor. Can you believe that? I just can’t imagine! 

I laughed.

I laughed a lot.

I said I was sorry for laughing so hard.

I said… Yeah, I can imagine that.

I did it.

I did it alone and it sucked.

It still sucks, but at least I can sit here and laugh about it and how insane it all was and still is.  

Yes, I can imagine.

2 thoughts on “Can You Imagine?

  1. Everyone should be prepared to hear “I can”, if they start a sentence with “Can you imagine..”. Thanks for sharing, I’ve enjoyed your blog.

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