My Stress Therapy Weekend

Speaking my language...


I made my escape on a jet plane to New York City before the sun even considered waking up Friday morning. Needless to say, I’ve never been so happy to be showered and on my way at 5:00AM.

I walked and wandered, ate, drank, laughed and slept.  And then repeated it all day after day. The best part was that I didn’t have to sleep in a bathtub like I was willing to do and got my very own bed! Bonus!

I cherished my four days with old friends and LOVED being disconnected and off the grid from my computer, phone and all my mommy responsibilities. 

We all completed the 30 mile bike ride around Manhattan on Sunday for MS research with smiles despite the wind and cold. I managed to keep from crashing while biking and taking photos and was delighted and relieved to discover after said 30 mile ride that I could sit without pain. How that happened, I have yet to understand.  

After depleting my cash and fearing what Paul would say if I drained the ATM again; my time had run out and I flew the friendly skies back home and made a re-entry into mommyhood and crazyland refreshed and recharged.  It’s amazing what four days away can do for your sanity and patience. Here’s hoping the photos tell the story…


High Line

Getting ready to get ready to bike 30 miles!


Off we go!

Good morning NY!

View from my helmet... just passed the Brooklyn Bridge

What did I get myself into... who said Manhattan was a small island?

George Washington Bridge

The Bike...

Heading home

Southern sunset welcoming me back


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