Good Times Were Had By All…

Guess who made an appearance for the long weekend?   



The kiddos are tucked into bed (finally) and I’m cleaning up and settling back into my single momma routine after a jam-packed weekend of adventures.  

I’m desperately trying to keep the weekend fun in the forefront of my mind, but the dread of re-entry and the daily grind that begins at 6AM sharp tomorrow morning is creeping in. Ugh!  

Our weekend was a blast and filled with lots of laughs and lots of adventure.  Here’s a snippet…  

After a relaxing breakfast on the deck, we headed downtown Atlanta Saturday for a plethora of adventure. We took in the ESPN College Game Day festivities, saw Big Boi from Outkast, enjoyed lunch at our favorite Deli where Cooper literally ran into Erin Andrews and her police escort, let the kiddos romp at the playground at Centennial Olympic Park and enjoyed plenty of amazing people watching too.  

ESPN College Game Day


Big Boi



"Is it Halloween Mommy?"


With Dragon Con in town, there was some spectacular people watching, to say the least, and a lot of explaining to do as well!   

Dragon Con


More Dragon Con


Good people watching makes for very complicated explaining!



After our adventures downtown, the boys enjoyed a good ‘ol game of football (mayhem) in the yard while I lounged, cheered, fetched band-aides, wiped away some tears and then pre-treated grass stains on all their clothes.   



Boys being boys...


Sunday was our day in the North Georgia mountains.  We hiked down and then back up a mountain, enjoyed a picnic lunch and then wrapped it all up with an early seasonal visit to our favorite pumpkin patch to collect our orange treasures. 5 mini gems and one giant treasure.  

Heading down the trail



All smiles before our ascent back up on another trail and 600 stairs next to the waterfall...




He's as big as he looks, but beautiful!



3 thoughts on “Good Times Were Had By All…

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you and Paul!! Looks like a picture perfect weekend!!

    We took the girls to the Book Festival in Decatur and rode MARTA. They were wearing ladybug and butterfly outfits to march in the Ladybug Girl parade they were having. These 2 boys (who actually reminded me of your boys) on the train looked at me and said, “Is Dragon Con again today?”

    Oh, the people watching….

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