Mother’s Day 2010… May It Rest In Peace!

Last year was a very crappy Mother’s Day. I believe if history is to be told correctly, it should say that I actually cried.  It seems that other than Paul, no one seemed to care that I was a mother who did anything.

This year was a significant improvement! Woo hoo!!!!

Two dozen pink roses, breakfast, spa day and a few hours to read on my own; spells out a huge happy moment in my daily life! 

Yet, while we’re being honest, let’s just say we need lots of practice before we get this game done right.

Sentiments I’ve heard throughout the day:

We should go to the store to get toys! It’s Mother’s Day! On Mother’s Day, we get toys! Right?

We got you a present… a cookbook! You can cook us more meals now!

I want to go to eat pizza since it is Mother’s Day!

Get out of bed… I need you to fix my toy.

You need to change and wear a red dress!
“I don’t own a Red Dress… why should I wear one?”
Who cares… you need to wear one!  

Why do you need a special day?

Nevertheless, let’s be honest… It’s really just another day. I still love my children and my family and call it what you want, I can’t just sit here and pretend we are some Hallmark Holiday Card… that is just not so! So, let’s just call it like it is… 2010 is a bit better than 2009 and I am hopeful for 2011.  

Here are some candid photos from our very informal dinner at La Fonda!




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