I’m cooking in the kitchen being all domestic and an argument brews between the boys in the foyer. Since neither appear to be willing to come to a compromise over whatever the issue is, I venture to play referee. Here’s what I found: Two boys crying. One holding a dollar bill looking guilty and another with his hands in his pockets.

Mommy: “What are you fighting about?” To which I get both talking at the same time… no clear understanding yet.

Mommy to Tucker:
“Where did you get that money?” 

Cooper – chimes in:
“It’s mine!” 

“Noooooo, I had it first!” 

Mommy to Cooper:
“You have no real money, where did you get the money?”  Since I never have cash, I am very curious where it came from.

“Daddy’s office”… Reaching into his pockets pulling out more money. 

“OK, let’s start at the beginning… Tucker did you take the money from your brother?”


Mommy to Cooper:
“Did you hit him after he took the money from you?”

Cooper – all sheepish: “Yes.”

“OK… First of all we do not hit, not a good choice. Second of all, we do not take and grab things from each other. Lastly, you can’t take things out of Daddy’s office. Those are not your things and money out of Daddy’s money clip is real money, you can’t take that. Tell each other you’re sorry, finish emptying your pockets and hand me all the money.”

Cooper & Tucker:
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry….But I want the money!”

“Mommy wants the money too.”  

Here’s to my bonus payment and a wallet with some new running around cash.

One thought on “Bonus

  1. Hi! I love reading your posts! I laughed at this one b/c I also NEVER have cash (only the loose change and sometimes wet bills that go through the wash…No, I NEVER tell my husband to check his pockets…I love getting that cash!)!!!!!!!! 😉

    Hope you are all doing well. I’ve put you on my side bar so I get to see your new posts!

    Take much care!

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