Pogo Stick

My children, god bless them, never cease to provide great joy and of course as life would have it, great moments of panic.  Tonight was a night of panic.

It was meet the teacher night at CCD and yes, I am calling it CCD again.  Aside from paperwork for the parents, there were handouts stapled together for the kids to look over, color and read. The pages had drawings depicting various themes and fun was had coloring and doing “work” while I reviewed my papers. Here begins my rapid decent into hell…

“Why does that look like a Pogo Stick?” I say, “What?” as silly me looks around the room to see who has a pogo stick asking what he’s talking about.  Then he points at a drawing on his paper with children surrounding a cross. I wanted to die and I’m thinking… Seriously dude, really? You know what a cross looks like, you know all about it… why must you be all creative in your interpretation of the drawing and do it in your CCD class?  Have you no respect for your loving mother and how unbelievably bad that makes me look?  Well, God must have known my creative genius and I were due a pass since we got one. Aside from the mom sitting behind us who was too busy on her i-Phone to have fully understood what he was talking about, no one else could have heard his question. Nobody except his panic stricken mother. 

In his defense, the cross could have passed for a pogo stick if it was not for the fact that it was in a handout from church. Add to the defense that he’s been asking for one since we gave one to one of his friends a few weeks back for her birthday, and I’d say the creative juices were flowing freely tonight. Needless to say, when we got home I lectured him about the fact it was a cross, a holy image and not a pogo stick, and how could he have possibly thought it was a pogo stick; he looks at me very seriously and says “I know it was a cross, but it looked like a pogo stick.”   

Do you think maybe next time you can keep all that creative interpretation to yourself until we’re safely back in our car so that we can minimize my moments of great panic? Please?

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