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Three Gifts

I either get flack or positive remarks on our family holiday gift giving tradition.    Aside from what the boys receive from Grandparents, Godparents and a few very close family friends, they only receive three gifts each from Santa.   Nothing comes from us and the boys believe the three gifts are from Santa, which of course … Continue reading

The First Stocking

I was determined, 12 years ago, to make our first Christmas special. With no room for a tree in our small urban condo, we spent our evenings admiring the lit and beautifully decorated trees in the living rooms in the building next to us.   It was a good thing we didn’t have any room for … Continue reading

Tree Hunt Beauty II

Off we ventured this weekend to our favorite tree farm in North Georgia in our hunt for the 2010 family Christmas tree.  From the tractor ride out to the fields, to the hide and seek games among the trees and the roasted marshmallows afterward it was yet again, a fun-filled day. I’m a sucker for tradition and got sentimental as … Continue reading

Breaking Down The Holiday

Our kitchen was full of conversation, our yard full of playing children, our tables and bellies full of food, much laughter was enjoyed and our hearts full of gratitude as we celebrated with friends and family by our side Thursday. It was a great time and so wonderful to reconnect with an old friend and … Continue reading

Santa’s On A Budget

These are the weeks every year that my wallet bleeds. There are gifts for beloved teachers and school directors; happy and careful bus drivers; encouraging, hard working and dedicated tutors; there are the numerous school holiday party contributions; the holiday bonus/thank you check for the paper deliveryman who never fails to have my Wall Street … Continue reading

Tree Hunt Beauty

Our annual Christmas tree hunt was a success today. Marching with the family, saw in hand, through fields of trees on the tree farm; we stopped and admired this tree. Burned and bare from a lightning strike, its beauty offered a stunning contrast to the lush green rows of trees.

Career Counseling at Costco

Searching the Poinsettia display for the perfect enormous set at Costco yesterday, a man next to me was looking at a box of sanitizing wands trying to figure out how much they were. Taking a break from intensely evaluating each Poinsettia trying to find two perfect plants, I looked around with him and helped him find … Continue reading


It is that time of year again. The leaves have all fallen, the Turkey has been eaten (or in our case, the beef tenderloin – we roll differently in our crib), the Christmas tree is up and the house sort of decorated and Santa is in the boys hearts and minds. Now it is my … Continue reading