Food is Love

I have not had a huge appetite in the past few weeks.. vastly different from ten years ago, but nevertheless, I am the sure the level of stress has contributed to my significantly diminished desire to eat.  However, I do love food and I love even more the magic that happens in your kitchen and around your table when food is prepared with love. Since my return late Monday, it has been heartwarming to see the contentment, joy, zest for life and eating my family has had as meals prepared by friends with love are delivered each evening. Until I can take the culinary wheel, I am eternally grateful for all of you who have brought us meals. THANK YOU!

Contentment is a word my heart keeps coming to rest upon. Time will serve to allow us to move past the trauma of my surgery, the reality of my recurrence and allow for us to process the reality that treatment has yet to even begin. Our children have had some significant challenges while I was gone and that has been heartbreaking. However I cannot fail to recognize the overwhelming sense of tremendous contentment our children have now that I am home. My slow pace, tiredness, slow cognition and inability to be the crazy wild mom I used to be, hasn’t even appeared to bother them. It’s simply been the basics. Hugs, summary of their days, check ins, signing papers, reminders to pack water bottles and goodnight hugs and kisses; these have all again become routine, predictable and beautiful.

Cancer or not, appreciation and love are mainstays in our family mantras. These are simple concepts which require zero prerequisites and so many of you all clearly share in them as well and have shown up for us.  Thank you!








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