The Lost Message

This journey is hell.

I will not portent to speak for all cancer patients. I can only speak for myself.

I do not need your sympathy. I would appreciate your compassion.

With that said… Sure, go ahead…

Post a random post on FB that makes your friends wonder. Change your profile picture, buy a pink coffee container, wear a rubber bracelet supporting a cause and/or take a selfie with no make-up…

The list goes on. Shit, do it all! Go for it! GO, GO, GO!!!! RUN, TYPE,  Damn it! GO, GO, GO …

Guess what?

It makes no difference to me. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE to most.

It may make you may feel good.

You know a friend. Or, you know a friend who knows a friend…. Etc… I know the drill.

Let me be frank. You are not raising money and more than likely, you are not more educated on the issue and the cancer you and your post or message are supposedly supporting.

So, I ask you.

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to make an impact?

Do I hear you saying Yes???


I beg of you… find your cause.

Stick to it and stay the course. Educate yourself and find a purpose for your gift of time and money.

Educate yourself that the journey for every cancer is different and that the access to funding is disparate and gaping.

Educate yourself to the issues that matter to you relative to the diseases and cancers you support.

Educate yourself to where the money goes and what impact it has.

Educate yourself to an entire population of cancer patients whose chemotherapy is covered differently by insurance simply based upon how it is delivered. It’s called Drug Parity. Look it up. It’s real and it totally sucks and devastates families.

Educate yourself.

I can only speak for myself, but I can tell you that if anyone of my real friends tried to pull some bull-shit act in an attempt to show solidarity… it would not fly.

So, let me say clearly. The only people who matter to me are the  ones who stay.  The ones who lay in bed (Sarah Hoover), shed tears and hear the deep and scary stuff, the ones who take the calls at any hour and the ones who don’t give a shit what you look like and come looking awesome to lunch. Those are the REAL people; the real friends and the real part of this shit ass journey.

All I want and what I would suppose most cancer patients want is your REAL love and your REAL support.

If you keep being you and I keep being me, all should be fine.


3 thoughts on “The Lost Message

  1. Everytime I read your blog I am encouraed to appreciate the little things God gives us… YOu are a true angel

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