Lasting Reminder Of Our Touch

Each of our fingerprints are unique. Personal mini artworks we leave behind as lasting, important markings and reminders of who we are.

I’ve had the privilege this past year to re-connect with another college friend.  It’s been amazing to catch up and summarize what’s happened in our lives over the past 17 years since we were last together.

As I sat on my couch in Atlanta last month and she in her car in New Jersey, we connected on the phone for the first time in 17 years. Over the course of our hour and a half conversation, I felt as if only 17 minutes had passed not 17 years.

We’d grown and we’ve matured. Time has passed, husbands, children and carpools have taken the places of boyfriends, beers and road-trips. 1995 feels like a lifetime ago.

Between the two of us, like all of us, we’ve experienced and faced our fair share of ups and downs, yet we’re resilient and stronger for these experiences.

Our nearly two-hour conversation was transparent. It was real and it was honest. Completely devoid of pretense, fluff or platitudes it was reaffirming that yes, after all these years little does change. As Siobhan said, “There’s a reason we all came together in college.”

Siobhan’s given me a gift. Not simply her friendship which would have been gift enough, but this wife, mother, former Tiffany & Co. Director of Engineering and New Product Development and now successful entrepreneur has created a line of products that perfectly define something I didn’t even know I was looking for.

I often think about what I’ll eventually leave for my children one day. There’s this blog and the in-the-moment chronicle of our lives documented here. There are the images I have and will capture with my lens. There are the life lessons of maintaining a strong character, perseverance, honesty, courage and philanthropy. There’s the money… let’s be honest, they’ll appreciate that. There will be overwhelming amounts of tangible and intangible memories, experiences and things.

What I’d yet to consider was what piece of me I could leave for them as a singular, unique and lasting reminder of who I was. A lasting impression of my touch for them.

Siobhan’s company Womily, has a line of products called Touch. Impressions of your fingerprint cast into gold or silver and engraved to personalize.

Today I’m sending off six fingerprints for her to craft into lasting memories for myself and my children. One fingerprint of each of my children for me to wear around my neck and close to my heart.

Lastly, contained in this shipment are three individual fingerprint imprints of mine. One imprint for each of my children to have one day as a lasting reminder of my touch.

Our fingerprints are unique to each of us and as such, I hope one day these imprints will touch my children and serve as a reminder for what I represent and the  legacy ahead for each of them.

Thank you Siobhan. Thank you.

Learn more about Womily and her Touch line of products. Go now and run to…

Stay tuned for more about how Womily will be partnering to support brain tumor research!

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