Shades of Grey

Just in case you missed the news, May is Brain Tumor Awareness month.

Like other patients facing cancers, horrid and catastrophic diseases who have months of awareness, the brain tumor community has carved out our own 31 days on the schedule too.

So here we are… May 1, 2012. 30 more days to go.

Rather than spending a month spewing out facts, figures, emerging research and statistics, I’d rather spend the next 30 days doing something that actually brings me joy, makes my heart sing, keeps my mind far from our ever-present looming reality and doesn’t make my stomach turn and my heart ache.

Having breathed a deep sigh of relief this past Friday after learning I’d managed to keep the piece of shit living in my brain in check, my capacity for dwelling in the reality of my life is wearing thin.

Frankly, I’m mentally exhausted. This process of being a patient, living a life in-between and the in-your-face reality of it all takes a toll. I need to step back.

The amount of mind f@#k games and worst case scenario mental chess that occurs in the days leading up to my MRI’s has only gotten worse and the burden oppressive. So while sharing information, advocating and bringing awareness is all good and well… this time I’m doing it differently. I’m doing it my way and on my own terms.

In honor of that gorgeous color that lies between black and white, I will be spending the month capturing my Grey Matter Life in black, white and grey. Yes, I do know the color is spelled gray.

Day One: Shades of Grey

Follow along all month on the Shades of Grey page…

Be well and Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. I have been eagerly awaiting this post: Woot! Woot! as we say in Tucker’s class. As you share your life this month honoring in shades of grey, black, and white, remember that to me (and I imagine many others) you are a rainbow! hugs and shared happiness, Laura

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