The Motherload

Remember this?

Well, we hit the motherload this Christmas courtesy of our little mystery shopper.

I know I was more than a little curious and eager to open these presents. In no particular order, here’s what we were gifted. It was epic.

Harper’s dirty socks
Coins ($.34)
Pipe cleaner ornaments (missing from the tree)
Antique iron
Chic-fil-A cow watch
Toy car
Two toy garbage bins
Plastic Bat (as in the flying kind)
One blue marker
Drawing of a fire truck
Harold the Helicopter
Ferby Gerbil
Fireman figurine
Packing peanuts
A red plastic box with more coins

Our little mystery shopper did a fine, fine job. I think I’ll let him shop again next year.

2 thoughts on “The Motherload

  1. That is ADORABLE. Seriously. LOVE the collections that kids put together, and the fact that it was re-gifted to you is just the sweetest.

    What is it about pipecleaners? I noticed 3 of our pipecleaner ornaments stashed away in Lotte’s treasure box the other day!

  2. Love it!!
    (BTW…I hope you are keeping hard copies of ALL your blogs,,,a future book(s) would be priceless for the kids when they are older.)

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