Tasty Mistake

I was tasked to bring dessert to a party Saturday night.

900 pans, a kitchen that exploded and a few hours later…

What started as cheesecake bars with a Oreo crust that wasn’t firm and crisp enough to cut into bars, evolved into a tasty mistake with chocolate cake and ganache galore.

A very, very, tasty mistake.

Forgive me… I’m not a food blogger with great food photography skills that leaves you running to the kitchen, tossing ingredients from your pantry and drooling.

I am, however, more than willing to display my average food photo and bring you all down in my sinking ship of holiday overeating and calorie denial. That, my friends, is what this is all about. ‘Tis the season to share!

If you’re interested in a tasty mistake like mine and care to jump on my bandwagon of indulgence…You’ll need these:

One recipe for Chocolate Cake. This one which is divine, super easy and a favorite in our house!

One recipe for Chocolate Ganache. I used this one Here!

One, very, very simple Cheese Cake recipe from Here. I only had the bare essentials and this one fit the bill.

A lot of Oreos.


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