United States Of Suckered Cookies

I wouldn’t say I’m crafty, but I’ll admit to being creative.

I’m not a mommy blogger, but I’m a mom who blogs.

I am however a sucker.  A gullible sucker at that.

Here’s where it all collides.

Somewhere during my hour and forty minute carpool with both boys this morning, I got suckered.

I don’t mind, it was fun.

I thought I was contributing toward some project. I thought my creativity and time was needed in some form. How could I say no to a classroom of bright-eyed children?

I said “Of course, I can!”

Yet, I had no idea how to accomplish the task at hand.

I fell for his big blue eyes and sweet voice.

“Mommy?”, he said. “Can you make all the states out of cookies and bring it to school?”

Uh… Well… Sure I can. You mean every state is a cookie? You need me to bring this to your school?

“Yes! Can you do that today?”

Uh….(still processing since I’d not had my coffee fix yet)

I’ll do my best. You need it today?



After breakfast and a few cups of my daily fix snuggled with Harper watching the news, 45 minutes fervently searching Pinterest and Google, I gave up and dug out (literally) the Atlas from the back of my car.

Two hours later, a disaster in the kitchen, a baby waking from the perfect three-hour nap and looking like a train wreck myself, I wrapped up and loaded my masterpiece into the front seat of my car. With a bag of chocolate chips (thanks Marcy) to be added for each state capitol, I headed off to Tucker’s school with this…

Yes, I know I’m missing Alaska and Hawaii. I ate as I went and before I knew it there had to be sacrifices.

With a mere hour and a half left in the school day, Harper hanging in the Baby Bjorn, I knocked at the door of the class hoping I wasn’t too late.

It didn’t take long to see how badly I got suckered.

They were all a little too surprised to see me and the grin on Tucker’s face was a little too suspect. 

Turns out, this was something he’d seen on a commercial and was not, in-fact, something he needed for class. In-fact, I think I’ve seen that same commercial for some nanny/sitter service.

Turns out, not having your morning coffee, not asking more pressing questions, having a weak spot for big blue eyes and a sweet voice who leaves out certain details can lead to a mommy being suckered.

“Well, I haven’t had a shower in two days, but at least they’ve got a map of the states made out of cookies!” I said laughing to his teacher after she told me to call or email her the next time that kind of request came along.

Hell, I got suckered, but this sucker had a blast.

Thanks to all my friends on Facebook who gave me awesome suggestions! Watch out… here comes Asia, Africa and Europe!

Step by step: 

1. Trace map onto parchment paper including state borders

2. Bake a sheet of sugar cookies

3. Cut map into manageable pieces.

4. Place cut map pieces onto cooked cookie and start cutting outline with pairing knife.

5. Eyeball as best as possible between lifting up parchment pieces the state lines and gently and patiently cut.  

6. Re-assemble.

7. Step back, wipe sweat from your brow, seek the help and suggestions of your far more creative friends on Facebook, admire your work and then call yourself a sucker!

8. Smile. Being suckered by your 8-year-old isn’t so bad!   

5 thoughts on “United States Of Suckered Cookies

  1. I’m impressed, Jen…I take it the cookies have to be little underbaked so they are soft, yes? I rememter doing so many projects with cookies…..cell division (that was interesting), some sort of island…and some of the other kids followed with a jello rendition of the cell using a slice of kiwi as the nucleus!!! (He ended up as valdictorian with a 4.4 GPA) …another one was the solar system using different sized fruit in a mobile type of deal. I hope the teacher was impressed and that she made good use of it. I think it looks great…and a lot could be done with it creatively……

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