My Thanksgiving Is…

Simple. Easy. Unpretentious.

Completely lacking formality.

Using my fine china and paper napkins.

Children with clean hands and dirty feet and full of all that makes me grateful.

It is football in the yard, half the day spent in my Pj’s and parades and football on TV.

It is family and it is friendship.

It is laughter and it is good food.

It is being authentic and it is loving.

It is taking time to reflect on what we are grateful for and expressing it.

It is opening your home to friends and being honored and humbled when they accept your invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving together when they need it most.

It is about acknowledging where we came from, where we are today and the journey ahead.

It is saying prayers for all and who we are grateful for.

I am exceedingly grateful and I had an awesome Thanksgiving. I hope you did too.

Celebrating a remarkable friend this Thanksgiving. Cheers Laura! We are so honored you joined us.

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