Living My Mantra: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Generally operating as an attack at 100 miles an hour type, I’d rarely approached anything slow and steady until the early days after my surgery in 2008. 

However, there’s nothing like facing recovery after brain surgery, working to clear the cobwebs and getting cognitive functioning back on track, to drive home the reality and importance of slow and steady.

My new mantra became manageable and allowed my goals to be attainable. Failure has never been an acceptable option in my mind and as such, I challenged and forced myself to accept that this approach would spare me from my overly competitive self and with time I’d revel in the success of my eventual recovery. 

Over the course of the past three years I’ve wanted, at times, to run and flee. Yet I kept coming back to my mantra and kept reminding myself that it’s an essential component in our life toolbox. Our journey with the piece of shit is a life marathon and my commitment to keeping a steady pace has been an integral part of our survival.

So here I am. Stepping out and challenging myself yet again. I’m giving my competitive drive room to breath and I’m challenging myself to push and commit to a goal I’m pretty sure is achievable yet not easy. And yes, failure is of course not an option. 

Let’s be honest. I’ve been through a shit-storm and taken more than a few nasty blows I never chose to experience or take on. Thus, it’s about time I go after something I choose. Something I can control, conquer, prove to myself I can do and something that will serve to challenge me to rise above my own self-doubt.

Taking it one day at a time, slow and steady, I’m setting out to do something I never thought I ever would or believed I could. I registered this morning for the Georgia Half Marathon March 18, 2012. I am living my mantra of slow and steady wins the race.

Maybe I’m totally nuts and have suffered some sort of mental malfunction to challenge myself to something like this, but what the hell. If not now, then when?  

Nevertheless, crazy or not, I’m up for the challenge. True to form it’s an opportunity to prove to my own worst critic, myself, that yes, I CAN do this and this piece of shit has yet to get the better of me. I can and will do this.   

Training began today and I’ve got 140 days ahead to shift the tide and own 13.1 miles.


Day 1: Quick shot as I headed out this morning with my training partner!


12 thoughts on “Living My Mantra: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

  1. Well that explains the crazy marathon dream! Good for you – good luck!!! (And if you find an obstacle course mid-way through the race you’ve apparently taken a wrong turn.)

  2. Congratulations, Jen….way to go! …and also on your MRI results! You were in my thoughts all week and esp on Friday. Yippeeeee Skipppeeeee!

  3. AWESOME!! I just registered for my little 4 miler for a month from now and another longer one in the spring, and just did some yoga as my day 1. (Well, as much yoga as I could do with a 3 year old doing it next to me.) 😉 Kick ass!

    • Good Luck Tracy! I really think you need to come and run this with me since your suggestion was the straw that broke my back and got me to finally do this! Cheers to you and good luck in Dec!

  4. You go girl! I signed-up for my first half-marathon yesterday and I began trianing this morning. I’m running in honor of my husband and rasing $$ for a local cancer non-profit! Slow & steady!

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