Drum Roll Please…

I must confess we’ve known the sex of our baby since 16 weeks. Sorry for being so sneaky and all, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

After passing out at the hospital (story here) and having two ultrasounds during my overnight stay there, the two OB’s who saw me were very confident in what they had seen and we were delighted to have found out early and unexpectedly.  While getting the early sneak peek was great, I must add that I’d like to never repeat that very embarrassing and humiliating moment ever again.

We decided that we wanted to wait until the official 20 week ultrasound and confirm their findings as well as ensure everything else about Baby G #3 checked out healthy. It was also a fun time to savor the information just between us.  

Selfishly I’ll admit that it’s been super fun holding onto this little gem of a secret.

 While my dear friend Kristen, who’s got one of the best senses of humor out there, will be disappointed to learn that I am not carrying a hermaphrodite puppy, the majority of those who participated in my informal poll should be thrilled to learn that you were correct in your guesses. Love ya Kristen, but a hermaphrodite puppy was not in the cards this time!

I really should have you all guess the lottery numbers for me! 

So…. Paul, Tucker, Cooper and I are pleased to announce that Baby G #3 is a…


A very healthy and happy Girl at that.  

The boys are so excited and while they’re disappointed that names like Big Papi and Dustin Pedroia will not be contenders on the list of names anymore… they’re grinning ear to ear.

So, that’s our Monday afternoon news for today and stay tuned for more exciting adventures from crazy land.   









11 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…

  1. This is such exciting news. Baby Girl Giliberto is in for a real treat to be a part of your family. And if I recall correctly from older posts of yours about your childhood, I think that I foresee an ice hockey uniform and stick in her future!! Love it! Congrats all around.

  2. Watch out! She will rock your world and turn it upside down. She will make you re-think what parenting is. That said, I LOVE my girl and she is a great addition to our boy clan. Plus, now that she’s older, I really look forward to doing thing just with her.
    Much love and health to you and your daughter and to the boys. xo

  3. How exciting…I am thrilled for all of you! Bet your mom is too…..getting to buy little girlie things. I’m having a ball buying things for Lily….even for Heather (Stephen’s wife)…since I only had boy experience. Stay well and happy. loe to all…suz

  4. Hi! You may not remember me, but I worked with Paul @ Terminus. I sat in the receptionist area. I just wanted to let you know that I so enjoy your blog 🙂 and I just want to say that I’m excited for you and the “boys”. I’m tinkled…well, pink! Congratulations to you all! Warmest regards~

  5. That is FANTASTIC!!! I am so happy for all of you. We found out early with our 3rd too and didn’t share until much later. It was fun having “our little secret”. Of course, we spent the entire time between ultrasounds second guessing the doctor and the lab tech. “So do you really think we are having a boy?” is what we must have said a million times during those weeks. After 2 girls it was just hard to believe. Take care of yourself and enjoy welcoming ALOT of PINK into your home! All the best!


  6. Congratulations and what a fun secret to keep for so long! It is just wonderful news!

    Since we are now past the point of no return (25 weeks preggo) – to find out the gender of our #3 – you have given me hope that after having 2 of the same gender back to back that there is the possibility that we could be surprised w/ a boy!

    I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes as well as the first half!

  7. Congrats!! Awesome news. ANd I will to my best to console Kristen about the (lack of a) hermaphrodite puppy gestation!

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