Plain and Simple

I’ve been a slacker lately and taken a bit of a mental break from writing.

I’ve been listening to your recent grumbling about my silence and I’m sorry for the break. Trust me, there’s plenty coming down the pike, but to be honest, I’ve enjoyed the mental break and distance from my computer.  

We enjoyed an outstanding Christmas and New Year holiday together as a family. Nine awesome staycation days around Atlanta with plenty of obligatory hours spent in our PJ’s playing Wii, board games, laughing and eating. Oh, all the eating…   

Nothing earth shattering, just a whole hell of a lot of well deserved good times. The plain and simple good times that too often get lost in the chaos of daily life but once rediscovered, how sweet they are! Needless to say, we ate up each and every day and each and every moment of these plain and simples.  

Here is an assemblage of my favorite photos, from the near 1,000 taken,  from our plain and simple staycation.  I hope these images capture and do our adventures justice and speak the words I can’t seem to find.

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