The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. 30 days to be exact.

While I do my best to be grateful year-round and instill values of gratitude, appreciation and giving back with our boys daily; it’s not always easy.

image courtesy of Pottery Barn

I came across this Giving Tree at Pottery Barn Kids and fell in love. To be honest, at first I thought “Why pay $70 when I can make this myself!” Then, I did a quick reality check.

Why yes, I can make this Giving Tree… but where oh where would I manage to find time for such a crafty project before New Years Eve or next Thanksgiving for that matter? Reality sunk in, I caved and I bought it.

You really don’t need this and could use any number of other creative options like a bucket, glass vase or just a plain envelope to collect your thoughts. It all serves the same purpose and in the end it’s the thoughts that count the most, not how pretty it looks. Yet, for me in the end, I figured that if I didn’t buy it and hang it up this whole idea would be just that; an idea that never got executed.

So, starting tonight we’ll talk about what we’re grateful for and I’ll write our thoughts on note cards (provided courtesy of PB) and place them in the designated numbered leaf for that day.

30 Days from today, we’ll read each of our thoughts on gratitude as we share our Thanksgiving meal and celebrate the holiday together as a family.

Cheers to a new tradition and a 30 day gratitude challenge. 


* UPDATE: I reached out yesterday to Pottery Barn Kids since so many of you have indicated that you could not find the Giving Tree. I’ve been informed that they are officially SOLD OUT. Sorry folks…

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