730 days ago tomorrow, everything changed.

I signed on the dotted line.

Page after page of dotted lines I signed.

Thinking all the while that I must have already lost my damn mind. It had to be good and gone if I was willing to give someone the opportunity and privilege to remove a piece of my little brain for me.

Yet, I didn’t flee and didn’t scream “This is fucking insane” like a lunatic while running to the parking lot.  Amazingly enough, I swallowed my words, cried, forced myself to accept, laughed with Paul and at myself as I tried to play Sudoku flying high on Ativan from my MRI, and eventually I came to appreciate why trust is imperative.    

We embarked as a family and as a team on a surreal adventure. An adventure that at worst closely resembles a recurring nightmare and at best has given us many gifts. Over the past 730 days, we have successfully managed to carve out a new life for our family, appreciate more and value time.  We are grateful for what has humbled us.        

In simplistic form, tomorrow is about what and who I trusted. I am grateful. Time has become our ally and not our enemy and for that, we are thankful.  

Post MRI, Day of Surgery. August 18, 2008: Waiting to Get the Show On The Road!

5 thoughts on “730

  1. Mine was April 12, 2007……it feels good to be able to look back at it but in so many ways it’s still more right next to me. Damn it. I wish I could push it more behind. Anyhow, thanks for purging all this out. I think it helps the rest of us.

  2. Wow, can’t believe that was two years ago. While I remember driving downtown the day before, dinner at Stats and trying to avoid any awkward silence in conversation, that day at the hospital became a blur. Lots of waiting after Jen’s start time was pushed back into the afternoon. But I do recall speaking with Costas sooner than anticipated and him calmly telling me that everything went great. Wow, what a day.

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