The Evolving Caveman

I’ve compared raising boys to the evolution of the caveman. At some point they stop picking their noses, get their hands out of their pants and are ready to be released into society with manners and a fresh haircut.  Well, sort of.

This morning, pre 8am with a hot cup of coffee cutting endless paper trains out of brown craft paper for Cooper to color and glue together, I was gifted a moment I am currently treasuring.

Standing in the pantry, he points up to the shelf at his eye level.

Look mom, you left the bag of Smarties there. I can reach it.

Yes. And I said smiling…

I know you can, but I trust you won’t take any unless you ask. I trust you.

Cooper, with a twinkle in his eye and a grin says,

Silly mommy, you need to put that back up on the other shelf where I can’t reach it. The candy shouldn’t be here.

Good point little guy. Thanks for being honest.

Now if only the dogs would start telling me that they can reach the food on the counter we’d really be moving forward!

Evolution in progress, stay tuned…

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