I Declare!

I know someone who had a brain tumor.
He died, but I just know you’ll do better and be fine.

Hum, does that load of shit come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

One thought on “I Declare!

  1. Hello Jennifer-
    This quote made me spit out my coffee!! I am currently recovering from a liver transplant that I underwent due to a large neuroendicrin tumor that was on my liver. I can relate to these comments that make you shake your head! Such as “I’m glad this happened you, because you can handle it!” SERIOUSLY!!! or “How long do liver transplants patients live for?” WHAT!!!!
    I can’t tell you how much your blog and your caringbridge website has helped me and put a smile on face!
    So please keep doing what you’re doing and bring joy to so many of us!

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