I Declare!

I declare, my kingdom of readers, that people say some really fascinating things. Trust me. Aside from the good stuff, the funny stuff and just plain silly stuff; there’s the “other” stuff.  The shitty stuff, the stupid stuff and the “you can’t possibly be that much of an asshole” stuff.

I’ve attempted to approach my quandary (the piece of shit living in my head) with a sense of humor, openly willing to share and answer questions – no matter how inappropriate they’ve been, and pretend I’m a duck when things go bad – letting the crap people say run down my back like water on a ducks back. 

Truth be told, if you hadn’t already realized it, there are things people say that get my blood boiling, my mind racing and cause me to pause and question if anyone has any marbles between their ears! Yes. I know… shocking isn’t it? A world with stupid, insensitive asses in it? Shocking how the truth can be such a bitch.  

I can’t fix people. I realize sensitivity does not come naturally and is not readily available at the corner store, and I’ve concluded that allowing myself to get all riled up and pissed off (which I’m sure will still happen) is simply unhealthy.

So, welcome to the world of I Declare! where we can share in the stupid shit people have said to me and the insanity of the questions that have been lobbed at me.  All these treasured comments deserve a home to live in since living in my head is just no good.

Posts categorized in I Declare! will serve a few purposes:

One… I get this shit off my chest, out of my head and I am done with it.

Two… you can laugh about it, comment about it and be happy you are not me. 

Three… if you thought it was ok to say or ask some of these things, then we’ll call all of this an education.

Welcome to I Declare!

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