56 Years Later: Old Threads and Little League

My Father's Little League World Series Uniform - 1953

My Father's Little League World Series Uniform - 1953

In 1953, the Little League World Series debuted on live television for the first time.  56 years later,  we sit here in Atlanta watching the live coverage on ESPN with our boys and will watch the finals of the US competition tonight.   

As a little girl, probably Tucker’s age, my father took me to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. During warm up, a errant ball hit a little girl in the head a few rows away from us and I freaked out, cried and wanted to leave. My father, I can only imagine his frustration in trying to convince me I was safe, bought me a Red Sox  batting helmet which I wore it for the entire game ensuring my safety. Almost thirty years later, my boys wear this batting helmet while they play, and have come to love baseball and inevitably the Red Sox. Of course, all of this makes me smile.   

Behind its protective glass on the wall in the boys playroom, my fathers 1953 Little League World Series uniform hangs memorializing our family history, and a moment in time when the game, in all its glory, arrived on televisions across the nation and into the hearts of little boys.  My boys, wearing my childhood Red Sox t-shirt and batting helmet, loving the game and their grandfather, will watch these boys play their hearts out like he did 56 years ago, and at least for a few hours, get lost in the magic of the Little League World Series.

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