Cupcakes, Burgers & Beer

Cupcakes at work and a dinner of Burgers and Beer will complete a great day for a friend on his birthday. It all sounded divine, really! It also got me thinking about the simple pleasures. Here’s one of mine.

Growing up, there were a few things that we never did as a family. One of which was we never ordered Chinese take out and we never ate the take out pizza out of the box.

When you are you done pondering that, please continue.

I’ve given my mom a hard time over this for years, and we get a good laugh about it. Her response has been pretty consistent: “I’m sorry, you lived such a deprived life!” Deprived, no. But, I did yearn for a take out pizza that we tossed on the table and ate out of the box, and maybe off of paper plates. Gasp, oh, not paper plates! Or maybe a night sitting around the table eating Chinese out of take out boxes with chopsticks like they did on TV or at my friends houses. Instead, my mom made Chinese food and we ate the pizza off of a lazy-susan with a side salad with china plates and a full place setting of silverware, even though we never used the spoon.

So now at almost 35, I am embarrassed (slightly) to admit that I get giddy like a little kid at Christmas when my doorbell rings and the happy deliveryman arrives with my dinner. Sitting in my living room, food in my lap & in the box, with a fat ass smile on my face, somewhat feeling as if I have broken a rule, is just divine. A pure simple pleasure.

Thanks mom!

*Note: As I was finishing this post, the happy Fed-Ex girl arrived to deliver me flowers from my mother in honor of this being the anniversary of my surgery. I feel guilty that I am poking fun at the domestic goddess that my mother is, but clearly not guilty enough to not post this.

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