Jesus Solved

Wednesday nights the boys go to CCD at St. Brigid. Two weeks ago I thought we were damned to hell but tonight it all became clear and I think we’re safe. The boys take turns with who gets dropped off first since the classes are in separate buildings at opposite ends of the parking lot; one is in the Church and the other is at the Holy Redeemer School.

Two weeks ago it was Tucker who got dropped off first and Cooper ever full of energy, ran ahead to open the door. Parents and kids were filing into the school and Cooper stood holding the door open for the masses. He was holding the door two handed leaning backward in order to keep it from pulling himself over and looking up. Then it happened. I wanted to crawl away, hide, die, or otherwise be beamed away to a far away land. Out of Cooper’s mouth came a “Jesus” – actually really more a “Jeeeezzus!” and interpreted by myself as “Jesus, could you folks take any longer to walk through the damn door I’m holding for ya?” I went into crisis mode as moms & dads gave me the death stare, wondering I am sure, what local cave we just crawled out of. Of all the places… it had to be at church. Just add a Holy Shit while your at it and we could have called it a day and EZ Pass it to Hell. I grabbed the door stood in the School foyer starting to tell him he couldn’t say Jesus like that and then he kept saying it… each time with extra emphasis on a different letter. I grabbed his hand, got Tucker to class and out of there as fast as possible.

Funny thing happened on the way into CCD tonight. There was no class last week, it was our first time back to the scene of the crime, per say. We approached the same door, Cooper reached out, opened it, walked into the foyer and out came another “Jesus”. Just as I was leaning down to start damage control again, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. A statue of Jesus. Sitting on a table, the perfect sight level of a three year old holding a door open and looking into the foyer. I chuckled… “Oh… right Cooper, that is Jesus.” He smiled, I quietly ate crow and God laughed I am sure.

Perspective never ceases to persist in life.

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