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27:05 isn’t just a number

I am not a professional runner. I run to de-stress as #1 and look at the calorie burn as a bonus.  I set out this morning to beat my 5K time from last years race, and I did. Probably could have run it a bit faster and come in with Kelly around 26:30, but whatever… … Continue reading

Babes with Brains

Here we go… year three. A few days away from another 5k run in the hot Atlanta sun.  The time has come to step back from updating my iPod “Run” play list, begging for money and give pause to acknowledge those who have stood with me and are my team.  Babe number one is Kelly. … Continue reading

Paying it Forward

I met two families last week. Two families who did not know each other, yet are now connected by the generosity of one and the gratitude of another. One searching for closure after the loss of a husband and father to brain cancer and the other family knee-deep in a chaotic and stressful battle as … Continue reading